Episode Five – Bleed

Bleed – (noun) when emotions for a game bleed into your real life and when your real life bleeds into your games. We talk about some times we’ve experienced it, how to deal with those emotions and a little about confrontation and the soft skills of negotiation at the table.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG 

Jamie mentions Veronica Mars which is a brilliant tv series and includes Logan Echolls who was the basis for Calvin, Jamie’s character in Fall, the long running Buffy campaign. Jamie wrote a lot of blog posts about this game as it was played, here are the actual play reports for Fall.

Apocalypse World

Kapcon – a yearly roleplaying convention in Wellington, New Zealand. It’s about to happen again and Jamie and Daniel will be there, please come too and meet us! We’ll be recording as well 🙂 

Fiasco is a brilliant one-time game where you recreate the kind of ‘losers trying to do something huge’ movie the Coen Brothers make. It has a huge number of playsets that allow you to run a game with various premises. 

Jamie played the Toil and Trouble Harry Potter playset 

Attention: this is the last episode for our ‘first season’, basically we’ve run out of recorded material. We’re hoping to get some more recording done at Kapcon and be back in a couple of months. Thanks for listening in the mean time, please review on your podcast platform and share our stuff around 🙂

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Our intro/outro music is Gnosis by Daniel Zollinger. Listen to it here.

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