Episode Four – A Certain Kind of Bravery


How do you handle or not handle emotional investment in the games you play? We discuss a couple of experimental games which pushed our boundaries. We also discuss player motivation, when players miss the ‘point’ of the game and what do do when there’s a disconnect.

Games Mentioned:

Spione by Ron Edwards, Steve played it. 

Deadbolt by Elizabeth Sampat which Jamie played and it was highly intense.

Epoch by Dale Elvy

Games by Stephanie and Catherine Pegg (I don’t think the one Steve played is on this list, but they are brilliant.)

Other things

Xoxo festival, Portland 
Captain Katamari, the beautiful creation
Katamari Damacy the video game of strangeness

Listen on: Spotify



Our intro/outro music is Gnosis by Daniel Zollinger. Listen to it here.

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