Episode Three – Horror Stories

What is trust at the gaming table? What happens when the players have different expectations of the game than the person running it?

Listen to us talk about some of the horror stories we’ve encountered (in a loving way)

Games mentioned: 

Black Stars Rise by Sage LaTorra & Adam Koebel

(Steve and Jamie played the ‘renovation’ playset)

Sunshine Boulevard  by Willow Palecek ( should never be played by anyone)

True Love Match by Morgan Davie

Edited to add a correction: in the podcast Jamie mentions a quote and incorrectly attributes it to one player (Anna) when it should have been Nikki. Nikki said the devestating thing, and Jamie mis-remembered. Apologies to all involved. 

Listen on: Spotify



Our intro/outro music is Gnosis by Daniel Zollinger. Listen to it here.

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