Episode Two – The Contract


We talk ‘wish list’ games, social contracts, negotiating horror and now we have fancy intro/outro music by our very own Daniel and credits by the lovely Anna.

Wishlist of games we want to play:

Jamie’s is Bluebeard’s Bride

Daniel’s is Epoch

Steve wants to play Traveller and a hybrid marathon combining:

Grace by Evan Silberman 

Silver and White by Jackson Tengu, which isn’t online right now as it’s being rewritten for an upcoming Kickstarter). But watch this space and definitely back the kickstarter when it’s launched. 

and a game called Okult by Wilhelm Person 

When the Dark is Gone by Becky Annison 

Spoiler warning for IT by Stephen King

Some tools and rules mentioned:

X Card – a mechanism for handling discomfort or line crossing at the table 

“Lines and veils” comes from Sex and Sorcery 

I will not abandon you

The game of ‘Being Human’ where you’re monsters who flat together: Blood and Water

Our intro/outro music is Gnosis by Daniel Zollinger. Listen to it here.



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